The Helotrix is the recalibrated form of the Cryptomatrix. At first, it had every alien unlocked, but in It's Hero Time Part 2, it screwed up which gave Ken a new set of aliens. It also has a mixture of original aliens. See Cryptomatrix to see find the aliens


Blue - Active

Blue energy is active, but if is not used within 24 hours, SDM will be activated.

Green - Absorb

Green energy is absorb and it takes 2 hours to fully have it on there. Also, Ken cannot turn into an alien while absorb mode is activated. If Ken is in danger, it will immediately turn Ken into a random alien and sometimes it unlocks an alien.

Black/Grey - SDM

Black/Grey energy is SDM. It can be activated when the wearer is in danger, if the wearer hasn't used it in 24 hours, or if a voice code is activated which is: Code:0100101001001111.

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