Icepick is a Frigidor from Frozocis.

He first appeared in Seventh Heaven, where he helped Silhouette to steal the apples of Idunn. Then Ben confronted him and scanned his DNA. Changing Ben into Icepick! 

Icepick also appears in Tomas 10 asone of Tomas's original 10 aliens.

Icepick returns in the all new series, Ben 10 Galactic Legends!

Powers and Abilities

Icepick is able to morph his icy hands into a variety weapons like Diamondhead such as swords, hammers, or spears. 

Equiped with enhanced strength, durability, and limited regeneration, Icepick can shoot ice shards as projectiles that can either shatter or freeze on contact.

This alien is also capable of creating ice on any sort of terrain, then sliding on it as if he were on ice skates. 


As expected, his main weakness is fire, and warm climates neutralize all of his powers. Enough force can also easily shatter him into submission.

Ben 10 Galactic Legends

Icepick will return in Ben 10 Galactic Legends ==kyle10 He is one of Kyle's first ten aliens.==


Tomas 10

In Tomas 10, he is one of Tomas's original 10 aliens. He is the choice for ice.

Jax 10

He is one of Jax's original ten.


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