Ben trains his two new apprentice Zeszon and Raphael. With luck of course!


Ben calls Tempeter, Stan Li, Gwen, and Kevin to train Zeszon and Raphael. Later, Stan Li and Gwen shows them Tak kwon do. Later, Raphael and Tempeter fights, only to get paralyzed by Tempter. Raphael goes in a mad paralyzed rush. Ben goes as Gooey and absorbed him only making Ben paralyzed and destroys the HQ (almost). Later, Rojo and a Crystalsapien attacks. It was found to be Etoile, the other mesmerized Crystalsapien. Zeszon accidentally froze the crystalsapien. Later, Silhouette was revealed to mesmerized Etoile after fightings, Black-Out captured Zeszon. Later, Raphael saves him but dissolved. Ben uses Jetblast and Swampflame to revive Raphael. Ben asked the others if they want to train again. Before, he can look back they all escaped screaming "NO!!!!"

Aliens used

  • Freezer
  • Cerebellum
  • Gooey
  • Fire Lizard (selected was Stranger)
  • Jetblast
  • Swampflame

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