Hello, and welcome to Interviews with OV9. I'm OV9. As the name suggests this is an interview show. The main idea was to get people to know each other. Users can request me to take interviews. I can also send invitations to special users. The time of interview should be fixed and agreed by both me and the user-to-be-interviewed.

Series by OV9 Enterprise.


Well, my main goal is interviewee satisfaction. So, I've made a policy.

  1. If a user is unsatisfied with the layout of the page where the interview of the respective user is displayed, they can request me to change the problems.
  2. If a user is not satisfied with the interview, then a re-interview can be taken.

Well, that's it.

Interviews Taken

Season 1

  1. ZeVikingSif
  2. ChromastoneandTabby
  3. Alanomaly
  4. Migster7
  5. Yoponot
  6. CreeperDNA


  1. Streetmaster
  2. Brandon 10
  3. Rex0150

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