The Itemtrix is an Omnitrix that was created in the future by Lyon. Lyon's son, Ito was given it by Lyon. The Itemtrix has aliens that are based off of regular items. Add whatever you want to.


  • Itoscissors: The arms are handles and the legs are blades. Itoscissors can cut through any substance.
  • Itoglue: Itoglue is a white alien shaped like a human. In the front is the nose of it.
  • Itimemachine: Itimemachine is a time machine. It can travel to whatever time it wants to go to.
  • Itefrigerator: He can blast any type of food.
  • Itomirror: He is a mirror and he can reflect any blast.
  • Itobroom: He can sweep anything up and have wind attack.
  • Itomop: He can shoot bubbles and water.
  • Itoiletpaper: He can wrap anything up and tie it.
  • Itoflyswatter: He is the size of Humongosaur and can swat anything.
  • Itocandle: He can blow his flame to have fire attack. He also can have any scent.

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