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Kickin Hawk
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Liam
Body Humanoid Chicken/Hawk
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durabilty
Enhaced Agilty
Enhanced Speed
Shockwave Kicks
First Appearance Outbreak
Kickin Hawk is an alien in Ben 10: Omniverse. In Jace 10, he is one of Jace's best aliens.

Kick of kickin haks


Kickin Hawk resembles a combination of a rooster and a hawk. He has sharp claws on his toes and talons on his hands, as well as two larger talons protruding from his arms. He has a short beak. Kickin Hawk is covered in brown feathers and also has a white mohawk.

Kickin Hawk wears a green mask, a green belt with a white stripe, and black underwear. Kickin Hawk wears a strap vest with the Omnitrix symbol on the vest hooker.

In Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, he looks like his Omniverse appearance, but his arms, legs and torso are covered with clothing.

In Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed, he has his Omniverse appearance, but the green cuffs are black.

In Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse, he has his Omniverse look, but the black part on his underwear is white.

In Ben 10: The Omniwars, he has his Omniverse appearance, but his mask is now black, and the strap vest has been removed, with the Omnimatrix IV located on his belt. He now wears a black, no-sleeve shirt with two arrows on the right and left sides. The talons on his arms are thinner and shorter, and the bands on his arms and legs are now black with green stripes.

In Ben 10: Unbound, he has his Omniverse appearance but his mask and chest strap are black. His talons are thinner. His bands are black with green stripes.

In Ben 10: Legends of the Omnitrix and on. He has his Omniverse appearance. The bands are large forearm guards. He has green body armor that reaches his ankles. His left shoulder has a large shoulder pad while his right shoulder is exposed. He has a green belt with a large hexagonal belt buckle. He has a green sash connecting his belt buckle to a smaller version connecting the shoulder pad to the rest of his armor. His eyes are on the side of his head and are larger with a thinner outline. His beak takes up the entire front of his head stretching all the way to his forehead. His nostrils are on the sides of his beak and are at eye level. He has a long ponytail held together by a green ring. He has black shorts under his leg armor. His brown feathers are lighter in color. He once again has only three digits. He wears the Omnitrix Symbol on his belt.


Flame 10

  • Season 3

Ben 10: Super Omniverse

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Ben 10: The Omniwars

Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed


Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse


Ben 10: Alien Generation

Kickin Hawk is set to appear in the new series

16yr old Kickin Hawk looks the same in OV

11yr old Kickin Hawk doesn't have armor instead he has a shirt-like armour with Ben's black and white shirt on, this goes down to his waist, the Omnitrix is on his chest

Ben 10: Aliens 

Kickin Hawk is set to appear with his OV look

Carter 10 it runs in the family

  • Gone infinite part 2

John Smith 10: Distant Worlds

Kickin Hawk first appears in a crossover episode with 15



By Ultimate John

By John

By Dactyl

Phantom Watch

Ancient Times


By John

By Bryce

Kingdom Hearts


John Smith 10: Final Fantasy

Kickin Hawk first appears as an enemy in the Northern Crater.


In Wild

Summoned by Kai

By Warmatrix Drone

Ben 10: The Omniwars

Ben first uses Kickin Hawk in Search and Annihilate to fight Attea.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Ben 10: Unbound

Ben 10: Dimensional Warriors

Kickin Hawk's costume has changed black.


Bryce Bowman: Origins

Kickin' Hawk goes by a new name: Tomahawk. His feathers are black and purple now. He does not wear the Omnitrix symbol.


Ben 10 omniverse force


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