Liax's true form

Liax is a mercenary who thinks Seth is just a irresponsible kid who can't handle the Omnitrix's power, so he tries to take it for himself.


Liax is a cruel man who does anything to get power. He has no care for anyone. He'll even sacrifice himself if it means geting the power he wants. He'll usually try to get people to do his dirty work for him and if he partners up with anyone (such as Vilgax or Ghostfreak) he'll usually betray them after he gets what he wants/needs. He seems very knowledgeable about the Omnitrix and it's functions. He is very knowledegeable about the planets/species and often uses it against his foes.


Liax is very powerful. He basically has all the powers BenVicktor and Dr.Vicktor have. He also has cypernectics to make him more dangerous. He is so powerful, he can easily take down Aggregor (who is more powerful than Vilgax). He also has teleporting powers.

Liax leads a powerful army that is always loyal to him. He usually throws his best troops into battle so he can have a better advantage. He has very skilled body guards that are very difficult to take down.

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