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Bob 10
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date 5 March 2012
Written by Agito90
Directed by Agito90
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Bob 10,000

Like Siblings is twentieth episode of Bob 10.


Years ago, After the death of Adwaita, Charmcaster decide to throw it to the river until she was captured by a young lady name Afearna. Now, Bob and the other are


Aliens Used

By Bob

By Ben



  • This Episode will Take place from the main Timeline in Episode The Enemy of My Frenemy from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
  • If Charmcaster was still on the good side. She take place as Villain by Afearna.
  • In Main Timeline, Hex still lives and didn't join Ben's side on Episode The Enemy of My Frenemy. In Agito90 Timeline, Hex join Ben's side and Bob's side until he was sacrifice to save her niece on this Episode.

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