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Pages for the episodes won't be made by order.

Season 1

Season 1 has 26 episodes, and usually just features new villains and Zyrokks's team.

EP# Episode Name Summary
1 Simien 10 Part 1 : How I got the Polytrix The series pilot. Simien gets the Polytrix, and meets his new team and enemies.
2 Simien 10 Part 2 : A new Member

600 years after Absorbat froze the team and Zyrokks's team into ice cube, they reached the shore of America and instantly become superheroes. However, another alien superhero is in town, and he doesn't like it.

3 Who Kidnapped Omnimorph Pegajoso?

Omnimorph gets captured by the mad Ufologist Len Yuefo. Simien and his friends need to save him with the help of Allen, who Zynon doesn't trust.

4 Double Vorkus Trouble Vorkus is replaced by his opposite evil clone Sukrov. He must prove to Zynon that he is the real Vorkus.


Back to School

Simien, Allen and Vorkus are sent to learn in school. Simien and Vorkus discover the school is run by aliens who wants to charge up their spaceship by human electricity.

6 Sick of Plants

Simien gets a cold by the Flourana Zilemm, who wants to get a special flower found in a cave in Argentina that will make him powerful. Simien must get before Zilemm to the flower while dealing with the effects of the cold on his aliens.

7 The Amnesiac Crab Simien ,as Soundwave, accidently wipes Zynon's memories. Zyrokks discovers that and uses it for his advantage.
8 Meet the Geryonsons Allen's parents come to town. Allen quickly discovers they work for Zyrokks.
9 Phobia Factor

During a blackout, Simien, Ic, Allen, Zynon and Vorkus must face a villain that has their biggest weakness. Their fears. They must conquer their fears if they want to defeat him.

10 Omnimorphed

During the events of "Phobia Factory", Omnimorph has to help a Biosovortian named Aimant and a Anodyte named Incanton to defeat Phobius's henchmen who attacked Aimant's team.

11 Ic 10

Ic wishes from the Celestialsapiens Lenx, X Uaile and Celestia that he got the Polytrix instead of Simien. He discovers that because of that wish many things changed in his life.

12 Vorkus's Ghost Everyone thinks Vorkus died in one of Zynon's experiments. Actually, his DNA was combined with a Ectonurite's DNA, which gives him a split personality with a evil Ectonurite.
13 No more Hallo-weeners Bonecrusher goes crazy on Halloween. He gets out of the Polytrix, and he wants to revive every dead man to teach humans wha Halloween really is.
14 How to raise your Necrofriggian

Ic gives birth to Necrofriggians, though three of them had broken wings which Ic takes care of. Zyrokks discovers about this, and he wants to use their DNA to upgrade his Spherodroids to give them intangibility, invisibility and flight.

15 Pet Project While stopping a illegal trading, the team finds a Uccelonian Methanosian that was traded in there. The team needs to take care of him until his real owners come.
16 Set gets fired Set is fired by Zyrokks and joins Zynon's. The team discovers that Zyrokks's new henchman is much powerful than Set.
17 Stranded Ic, Vorkus, Anuke and Set get teleported to Vulpin. The enemies need to work together to get out of Vulpin.
18 Endanger ahead!

Aquelectran thinks that a species of jellyfish that is endangered is his species, so he builds a machine under water that controls jellyfish to get revenge on humans for endangering "his species". Simien and his friends must go under water to defeat him.

19 Stuck Smaller/Portal-Sliced

Stuck Smaller:Simien gets stuck as Dragonfly since one of his clone Dragonflys was captured and thought to be a rare species.

Portal-Sliced: Simien as Darkhole closes one of his portals who lead to Mount Everest while Ic's neck was between. This left Ic's head with the team and his body on Mt. Everest. The team go on a mission to get Ic's body back from Mt. Everest.

20 Mytho-Mania! Simien, Allen and Vorkus discover the Greek Mythology is true but has Celestialsapiens instead of gods and aliens instead of monsters and heroes. The gods send him to defeat 10 monsters with the help of Achilles and Hercules.
21 The Pink Hulk/The Driver's License

The Pink Hulk:Simien is hit by a evolving ray which makes him turn into a evolved version of himself when mad.

The Driver's License: Zynon, Ic and Vorkus try to get their Earth&nbsp driver's license.

22 Body Swapped Zyrokks activates his new Mindswapper to swap bodies with Simien, but ends up in Zynon's.
23 How it all started During a thunderstorm, Zynon and Zyrokks tell the story about how the team was formed.
24 Fused Omnion blasts the face of the Polytrix making Simien turn into wierd alien combos and Zynon and Vorkus are fused into Zyrkus.
25 Mysteries Part 1

Many statues that no one knows why and who built them like the Sphinx, Stonehenge and the Easter Island statues are behaving weird. The worst part is, that Zynon seems to know something about it.

26 Mysteries Part 2

The Sphinx and the Easter Island statues finally free Morphius from his prison in Area 51. Simien and his friends must defeat him before he rebuilds Stonehenge that will give him enormous power.

Season 2

Season 2 has 15 episodes, and mostly has returns of Season 1 villains.

EP# Episode Name Summary
27/28 Simien 10: Multi-Trixes Part 1 & 2

A crossover between Simien 10 and Multi-Trixes. Zynon builds a time machine but accidently sends Zyrokks back. After they met Ben 10, Simien was defeated in a figth to see who was stronger. Zyrokks wants to help Simien to prank Ben back, but his real plan is to get the Polytrix from the frozen Simien...

29 Oh the Irony/ The Diet

Oh the Irony:A robot, proved to be almost indestructible, created accidently by Zynon attacks the team.Simien unlocks Irony, who is thought useless. But when no alien can defeat the robot, Simien uses Irony.

The Diet:Ic and Allen make Vorkus go on a diet and do training to get thin.

30 Cloned Simien is framed by stealing high-tech stuff. Simien discovers that it is Sukrov and his new army of clones.
31 Survival Skills While a camping trip, Zynon is captured by Len Yuefo. The rest of the team must defeat Len without technology.
32 Team Vacation Zynon and the team goes to Paris to a vacation. However, Mechachlorox is there too and he wants revenge.
33 Team-mate exchange day Zynon exchanges Simien with Ovillon for a day, and Cervelle gets Simien.
34 The Fright before Christmas Because that Zynon's fear that Brainfreeze will go crazy on Christmas like Bonecrusher did, Simien is stuck as Brainfreeze, who can be turned back only by a code. Furthermore, Phobius returns with a plan to make himself more powerful than ever. Meanwhile, Omnimorph,Vorkus, and Zynon try to find Santa.
35 Vorkus and Co. Vender is hired by Zyrokks, to help him get the Polytrix. Vender makes Vorkus sell Zynon's inventions and soon the whole team starts selling tech for money, and unfocused at fighting. Things become bad when Vender tells to give them 1,000,000,000,000 for the Polytrix.
36 The Pyro-Knights of the Round Table The Pyro-knight tells the story behind his sword and about his adventures when he was young.
37 Bad to Good Zynon finally makes Zyrokks, Set and Anuke good through a personality changing ray. But problems start when Skkoryz, Tes and Ekuna become bad...
38 Klepto-mania Simien discovers a new form, Klepto. But when thief start over the city, the police thinks it's Klepto. But the real thief is the most unexpected villain...
39 Time Travel Trilogy Part 1: The Time Paradox Simien, Vorkus, Allen, Omnimorph, Permbyt and Kronis go back in time to get the only cure for Zynon's disease that Zynon himself made extinct.

Time Travel Trilogy Part 2: Into the past

The entire team along with Kronis travel back to historical times in the Chronodozer (a time-travelling bulldozer) to catch Tetradeltas.
41 Time Travel Trilogy Part 3: Simien 10,000 Simien, Allen and Permbyt are sent 20 years into the future. Simien must get help from his future self Simien 10,000 to get to the present time.

Season 3

Season 3 has 13 episodes, and is the last season of the series.

EP# Episode Name Summary
42 The Day has Come Zyrokks has finally got the Polytrix, and after showing his planet the Polytrix that he "created". Zyrokks takes over Earth and all the other villains have succeded in their plans. The team need to defeat Zyrokks without the Polytrix.
43 Siren Song Aglaope, a Plumber's kid makes a band, which the team likes. But Aglaope can hypnotize with the music, and he wants to use eat humans!
44 Honey, I shrunk the aliens The whole team is shrunk and need help from a Nanomechian named Microtech to get to the shrinking machine to get back to normal or they will explode in 4 hours.
45 The Crusher/Vorkus Comidas: Gourmand Genius

The Crusher:Simien as Crushtacean and Allen as his Tetramand combos get into a wrestling competition to win money for a spaceship part. They discover Anuke and Ilithios are in it too and they doesn't want them to win. Vorkus Comidas: Gourmand Genius:Vorkus gets hit by lightning and becomes super smart, and Zynon becomes jealous.

46 Total Lockdown Due to a system glitch, Allen is trapped alone in the Nave Espacial! Allen discovers it's Aquelectran who's controlling the ship wanting revenge.
47 The Lost Planet Destroyer A legendary part of Petropia comes to Earth and threatens to eat it. Allen must use his Petrosapien part to try and move it away from Earth.
48 Acid Reign King Xiv and Queen Xvi think Acidrain is their son. Prince Xii. Zynon, Ic, Vorkus, Allen and Omnimorph need to prove that Acidrain isn't Xii because of Xiv's plan to make the city Acidrain's palace.
49 Endgame

Simien, Vorkus and Zynon are zapped into their computer into a game of Super Mario Bros. to obtain a chip that controls the computers around the Earth. They need to defeat Bowser while avoiding the deadly Viruses and Exabyte to get out.

50 Humanization The team and Zyrokks team (except Allen and Permbyt) wake up as humans! Allen discovers it's Microtech who made them dream they are humans, so he gathers up Aimant,Ovillon, Cervelle, Kronis and Incanton to help defeat Microtech and save the teams.
51 League of Simien's Enemies Phobius, Sukrov, Len Yuefo, Aglaope, King Xiv and Vender form a alliance to defeat Simien.
52 Let the Games Begin Cervelle's team challenges the team to games to prove who is the best team.
53 Home Sweet Home Part 1: Zilemm's Revenge Zynon finally fixes the spaceship and flies back to Encephalonus IV. But he discovers Zilemm has got his revenge and is much powerful.
54 Home Sweet Home Part 2: Atomix vs. Zilemm Zynon unlocks Atomix in order to defeat Zilann.


Movie Name Summary
Secrets of the Polytrix

Because Zyrokks shot a lightning bolt to the Polytrix,all of Simien's avaliable alien DNA is erased so Simien can't turn into anyone. Using a rented

spaceship, Simien and his friends must go to Alpha Solaranlage to get the aliens DNA.


These are crossovers between BTFF shows and Simien 10. Also, Simien 10

Crossover Name Crossover between Summary
The Colossal Christmas Crossover Simien 10 and many other BTFF shows Azmuth invites all heroes to Galvan Prime Mark ll to celebrate Christmas. But then, they get attacked by Chimera Sui Generises (Vilgax's species). Azmuth sends every hero out to battle and defeat Vilgax's army. However, to go through to fight Vilgax, the heroes must face their old villains, that is easy or is it.....
CrossOvered Simien 10 and many other BTFF shows After the defeat when trying to collect the Time Gears, the villains, along with new ones, go to try to win again, just to defeat the their enemies. Zyrokks, has got a plan to win. They shall use their henchmen, and they won't fight their enemies. The plan works, and they win this time. Zyrokks replaces the leader Vilgax, and he wants to use the trixes to take over the galaxy. Now the heroes are trapped in the base on Galvan Mark II, and their friends must go to save them, and fight the villains from taking the trixes and taking over the galaxy.
Warriors of Time Simien 10 and many other BTFF shows Warriors of Time is a Crossover movie about Rehk, Kael and other villans from different series are going to steal the Time Gear and get all the Trixes!
Ben 10: Ultimate Crossover Simien 10 and many other BTFF shows An old villain, who was locked up in prison several lightyears from our galaxy, has escaped. He goes to various planets, where other-series heroes were fighting other villains, and attacks them, stealing their Omnitrixes. He can only use their Omnitrixes to go a limited distance, as they run out of power. The villain is impatient. He steals new ones, and continues. When he gets to earth, Ben calls on each hero, with rebuilt Omnitrixes (by Azmuth), and fight the villain, who recharged each stolen Omnitrix and is using their power at once.
Dawn of Simien 10 Simien 10 and Ken 10 Zyrokks captures Gwen and Animo Jr. captures Vorkus. Ken and Simien need to work together to save them.
Simien 10:Ultimate Omnitrix Simien 10 and Ultimate Omnitrix Simien's team goes through a wormhole to Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix's world. However, Phobius crosses too and, meets with Phobus and plan their attack to defeat Ben and Simien once and for all. Ben and Simien must work together to defeat the duo. Meanwhile, Zynon and Tempeter see who's smarter.
Lyon 9 Crossover Days 1: Simien 10: Opposite Alien Simien 10 and Lyon 9 Opposite Alien Simien is caught by Lyon's parents wearing a I.D. mask making him look like Lyon and is mistaken for Lyon. Lyon helps the rest of the team to get Simien back without Lyon's parents discovers that he is a alien and about Lyon's Oppositrix.
Chimps Ahoy Simien 10 and Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution After Simien and Vorkus mess up Zynon's teleporting machine, Simien and Vorkus land on earth and must help Ken, Gwendolyn, and Devlin stop the new Forever Pirates before they get Simien's Polytrix.
Simien 10 Returns Simien 10 and Den -10

Simien and the rest of the Nave Espacial crew enter a crack into the antimatter dimension and they get trapped on Thrae. But after they meet Den they discover that Sukrov and the rest of the opposites landed there too.Note: this episode isn't part of the crossover season, it is a episode of the first season of Den -10, and in it the crew is after space race and 5 years older.

Simien 10: Triple Crossover Simien 10, BTUAM and Stan 14

After a experiment gone wrong with Flashback, the team gets sent back in time to BTUAM. Stan appears when Ben dates Tes too. An evil Polymorph frames Omnimorph and Goopie, and Omnimorph, Goopie and Stan go to find and stop the evil Polymorph.

Simien 10:Space Race episodes

These will be some of the episodes of the sequel series. In every episode, the team goes to a different planet.


Planet visited

Episode name



Encephalonus IV

The rise of Scelerat

Just when the team thinks it's all over, Simien and the team meet a new threat: Scelerat



The new teammate

Due to a teleportation error, the team teleports to Aldabra, where they meet Atmos, who wants to be part of their team.



Chain Reaction

The team meets Omnion again, and when Simien attacks a wrong Splixson, the whole planet Hathor teams up against him.



Journey to the other dimension

The team meets Sukrov, who teleports them to the opposite dimension Earth, called Thrae, where everyone is a opposite clone. The team must find their only hope to get back to the regular dimension: Ilithios's clone, Soithili.



(Alien) Pet rights

The team visits Methanos, where they meet Permbyt's owner, who wants him back.

6 Anur Khufos I was a alien zombie The team lands on Anur Khufos. After staying there a while, everyone except Simien, Atmos and Aimant become mutants because of the corrodium radiation.
7 Anur Transyl Brain Drain Zynon and Zyrokks get affected by a Transylanian machine, which makes them extremly stupid. The rest of the team need to find a way to fix them so they can off the planet.
8 Flors Verdance The return of Zilemm The team reaches Flors Verdance, and Zilemm is there to get revenge. He catches each team member one by one, and the team must defeat him.
9 Hofu Let there be fright The team accidentaly reaches Hofu, and they meet Phobius. But the Deimosians want their land back, and they capture the whole team except Simien, Omnimorph and Zynon as hostages. Phobius and his brother Deimus need to help them to rescue the team
10 Chronia Counter-Clockwise After Simien unlocks Clockwise and creates a small paradox, The Time Lord and Tetradeltas send the team back to the destruction of Chronia as a punishment.
11 Attracta Magnetized

Aimant and Magnetosphere get hit by a electric blast, that make Magnetosphere stuck to Aimants back until Zynon finds a cure.

12 Aranhascimmia Scelerat attacks Part 1 The team goes to Aranhascimmia but they discover that Scelerat has evolved all Arachnichimps and used them as a army to take over planets.
13 Khoros Scelerat attacks part 2 Scellerat absorbs the teams powers and becomes nearly indestructible, now the team needs to defeat him before he takes over other planets.

Fan-made episodes

The Dorkatron 3000 In this episode Simien uses the Polytrix to fight off nerds with robot armor who were brainwashed!
The Return Of The Tennyson Ben challenges Simien to see who is the better hero.
Dawn of Simien 10 Ken meets Zyrokks who brainwashed Ken and made him attack Simien.
Flash Forward Ben (ultimate Omnitrix) accidentally meets Simien when he went through the Wormhole.
Gone in a Flash After Vorkus takes picture of Ic, Zynon, and Simien with a "magical cage"(a camera) and Vorkus thinks they are trapped inside it when they're really captured by Zyrokks. It's up to Vorkus to save them.
The Sound Of Music The team have to defeat Zyrokks and his new Musikeepers before everyone in the galaxy apart from Simien will be hypnotized.

More Fan Made Episodes
Made by: Episode: Description
User: Ultimatehero Flashed Back Simien uses Flashback to go to the past and stop Vorkus from eating his dinner, but it alters the present.
Awesomatehero Nuclear Cycle While on Viscosia, Omnimorph eats some kind of technological food that effects the Polytrix. He, Vorkus, Aimant, and Simien go through a cycle of the aliens: Acidrain, Greasemonkey, Toxic, Flashback, and Electronewt. Mutated versions of other people they know start attacking them, and they must escape the Polytrix.

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