This Is What Happens Between Alien Force and Evolutions.

Ben Tennyson

Ben is Still 15, and Has a new Set of 10 Hero's. Ben can Change Into any of 10 Hero's, and can Unlock new one's Throughout The Series.

Gwen Tennyson

More Powerful Then Ever, Gwen can Shoot Energy Bolts From his hands. She Got Her Powers From Verdona, an Andoite.

Kevin Ethan Levin

Kevin Has Got Rid of His Muintent Form, And Can Absorb Again. Kevin Was Once a Criminal, But once in a Battle, The Forever Knights Didn't Pay Him, So He Joined the Team.

Courtney Rivera

Courtney Has The Prototype Omnitrix. She has All of Ben's Original Alien's From Ben 10. She Also Has A Crush on Ben.\


Max Tennyson

Max Tennyson is Ben and Gwen's Grandpa. He was one of the Most Famous Plumbers Of His Time. He has a RV Called the Rustbucket. It was Used to Transport Plumbers.

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