Ben, Gwen and Kevin are on a vacation. They are resting in a beach. That day, Black-Out frees Hel,Vilgax, Veggie King, Timeking and all the top villains (though top villains Animo is nowhere to be seen). Later, Ben gets an emergency signal. He saw the plumber base crumbled. Then, Hel, Vilgax and Timeking said that he will be destroyed forever. Ben saw Vilgax takingGrandpa Max away. However, he doesn't have the Omnitrix to kick butt. Paradox in split second appears and give Ben the Omnitrix. Ben uses it but recalibrated caused an explosion. Then, he changes into Gooey and attacks some RNAliens. After the battle, he changes into Jetblast and fires neuroshock lasers but Vilgax disappears. LAter, 30 RNAliens attack Ben. Then Ben changes into Freezer and froze them. He flees and said that he will save Grandpa.

Aliens used




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Lost in Rushmore Split Second

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