Lotus Tennyson has eighteen normal aliens and six ultimates. These are pictures and links of her normal aliens:



Water Freezer: (Left)

An alien with pure skill to match the toughest of the tough.

She can shoot water and ice out of her palms.

200px-Ultimate Big Chill


FireFly (Right):

A bug-like alien that shoots fire and firework-like missles at enimies. Also, a poisonous gas can come shooting out of the spores on her wings that can knock out anyone-and anything.

Slime (Below):



A blue alien with a slime-like body that can take any shape and any form. She can also double and triple her own size.

200px-Terraspin 1


FireSpinne (Right):

A 12-foot-tall tortoise that can shoot fire from the holes on her chest. She is also great at swimming.

200px-Echo Echo



As she is 3-feet-tall, she always has a hunger for power and rock & roll music. She sends off sound waves by turning the Omnitrix to the left then right, making her earphone's music really loud.




BladeFencer can lift up objects using electro-particles in her blue blood stream lines. Her claws allow her to cut through even diamond.

Icairi Flamia:

She has ice flames, the ability to freeze anything with a wave of her hand, and also the ability to set anything on fire.


Icairi Flamia

Jet Stream:

Green, fat, and ugly. But don't trust looks. She is super fast, super nice, and a short temper.

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