This episode is about Ben's crush and Gwen's. This episode starts with Ben, where in his class he finds that a kid named T.J tried to flirt with Julie. This made Ben jealous. Then after recess, T.J asked Julie to go out on a date. Julie accepted. Which make Ben totally intense! Ben changes into Sonic while they were on their way to the park. Sonic blasted T.J which Julie gasped. Ben changes into Benmummy wrapped and punched T.J. Julie then subsequently stopped their fights. Julie explained Ben that this is her cousin and they're NOT going on a DATE! He is here to meet the important person in the park. Ben apologized Julie and T.J. After a few weeks, Julie and Ben go out on a date.

Gwen's part

Kevin and Gwen were drinking smoothies. Suddenly an attractive girl walks in front of Kevin. This attracts Kevin. Kevin then made his "Gentleman Approach" on the lady. Gwen starts to become intense and blustered at Kevin. The lady who was Alicia Simpson agreed to go out. Gwen asked Ben for help. Ben changes into Cyberbot and chases Alicia. Gwen then fought Alicia. Alicia said that Kevin was buying her Alien Techs! Gwen was abashed. She had never been so humiliated! She apologized Alicia.

Julie's Part

In this part Courtney asks Ben if he would go bowling with her.He says yes and then Ben calls Julie and tells her he is going bowling with Courtney.Julie is a bit jealous but worries he will not call her after he is done Bowling.After Ben and Courtney have been out for 3 hours she becomes made.She gets ship and they go to the bowling alley,Julie looks around and sees Ben kissing Courtney on the ground.She gets angry and slaps Ben.Ben asks what was that for?Julie says because you were cheating on me.Ben then says he giving Courtney mouth to mouth to Courtney because her throat was full of water.Courtney then wakes up and thanks Ben fro saving her life.Julie appologives and Ban walks Courtney back to her house.Then Julie.At Julie's front door they start to make out.It then ends.

Aliens used





Big Chill


1. Stinkfly (blasting his goop at Alicia) - Take this

Alicia - You stink!! Ughh (In disgust)

Big Chill - I don't stink, I freeze

2. Sonic - That will teach u to go out with my uhhh...... friend!

T.J - Don't u mean girlfriend???

Julie - Oh dear!


This is the first time where Ben's classmate's names are shown.

Alicia Simpson was selling Alien techs like Kev.

Julie does not approve of Ben's friendship with Courtney.

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