Lunkwill is a bounty hunter from the same planet as Bivalvan from Ben 10. He first appeared with Penux and Shelphid when they where trying to take the Infimatrix from Fred.

Species: Orishan
Home planet: Unknown
Body type: Humanoid/Mollusk
Abilities: Water blasts, Hydrokinesis, Armored exoskeleton, Moisture absorption, Breathing underwater, flight


Lunkwill has an armored exoskeleton which protects his body from most types of damage, including moderate amounts of radiation. He possesses limited superhuman strength and can shoot pressurized water from openings within holes in his hands. He also appears to be at least partially amphibious. He is also able to control and manipulate water at will and even mold it into wide variety of shapes. He can absorb moisture from the air through the holes in his hands, effectively pulling a reversal on his .


  • Getting Overheated

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