Malform is the main bad guy from the series Glen 10


Malform has no physical body through out most of the series. He is revealed to be a black gas in a tube on board his ship. However, in the last few episodes he reveals his true form. He looks like a large wrestler but with black fur. He has red eyes and a wolf's nose and mouth. He also has a long tail. He has spikes running down his spine and along his tail. His hands are feet look like a lizard's and e has sharp claws on the ends of each of his fingers. He is armed with a belt which holds a Ray Gun which looks like an alien version of a pistol and a sword called the Dark Aura.


Malform is very serious and gets angry easily. He believes his robots which work for him are pathetic and useless. He however has a light side revealed in the season finale, The Final Countdown Part 2.

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