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  • Please don't add the official Ben 23 template to your aliens' pages. You are not part of the staff for the series. Thank you.

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    Hi! We noticed that you're new and just made an edit.

    On this site, you can make your own Omniverse. Write a series with detailed episodes, give your main character new aliens you made up, or continue from the canon Ben 10 storyline. The possibilities are endless!

    Are you new to wikis in general? Hop over to Wikia Help for help with Wikia wikis, including this one, so that you can learn the ropes.

    Need inspiration? Look around at other people's series, aliens, etc. But remember: don't steal ideas without giving credit! ;)

    Drop by our forums to share prototype ideas, ask for help, or discuss others' series. We'll be glad to help.

    Check out our rules. If you consistently break them, you'll be temporarily banned from the site!

    Have fun! If you need help, use our Community Portal for help getting started, or ask at the help desk in the forums.

    -The Admins

    Note: This is an automated message given to users after they make their first edit. You can reply, but the person shown as the sender didn't manually send it.
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