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  • Just admit that you don't like me. All you do is delete my posts that I work hard on. You're like Trigger009. The most hated user on Ben 10 wiki.

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  • Instead of putting bad grammar all of my pages, Why not just fix for grammar for me :P 

    THat will be easy than making a huge edit war. 

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  • I used Grammarly and it shows no errors. 

    Why did you put the cate? 

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  • Hey,

    Unfortunately I had to leave this wiki a year or two ago and that resulted in the deletion of a page I was fond of: Ben 10: Planetary Chaos. I was just wondering: is there some way to get it back now that I can actually expand it? If not then it's fine.


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  • Placeholder location

    why am i still doing this

    does anyone even care about these anymore

    Wiki News

    we've gotten a bunch of new users in as of late

    unfortunately they remind me exactly why this wiki is getting less and less enjoyable for me


    i wish i remembered what happiness felt like without having to reject reality

    Writing Lesson

    Lesson X: Use a Search Engine

    It's not that hard people


    Art Corner


    By ChromastoneandTabby


    Ben 10 News

    Way too much for me to give enough of a shit about catching up on. Suffice to say Season 2 of the Reboot premiered and we're getting a video game in about a month.

    Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the sixty-eighth issue of The CaT Gazette. Feedback and support are stupid to ask for.
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    • An Anonymous User
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  • You are a massive jerk that controls and tries to ruin everything for me.

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  • GazetteLogoI60

    Pretty much everything I have to announce here is gonna be announced in the main Fanon Con main blog this Friday, so make sure to check that out.

    Wiki News

    Fall Fanon Con is happening, in case you somehow missed that. Hope you guys are having fun!


    Busy work is the cancer of educational institutions.

    Writing Lesson

    Lesson 21: Reusing Words

    "Hey, you know what gets kind of annoying sometimes?" CaT said.

    "No, what?" Lightningfur said.

    "When people use the same words to express an action over and over." CaT said.

    "Oh, I guess that can get kind of annoying." Lightningfur said. "But how would you fix that?"

    "Use a goddamn thesaurus." CaT spoke.

    "But there are only so many words you can use to say the exact same thing." Lightningfur said.

    "Yeah, well, don't do it too much, then." CaT spoke. "Use other words that are similar to the word you keep reusing but have some variation in the exact meaning."

    "What do you mean?" Lightingfur asked.

    "Even repetitive actions don't always have the same meaning on each repeat." CaT explained. "For example, a conversation between two characters could just use the word 'said' over and over, or it could use specific words that better describe exactly what the characters are saying or doing."

    "Oh, I get it." Lightningfur nodded. "By using more specific wording, you avoid repeating stock phrases that annoy the audience."

    "And even beyond that, using more specific wording gives the audience a much clearer picture of what's going on." CaT affirmed. "You can give information on how the characters are presenting their actions without spelling it out with overdone dialogue."

    "Show, don't tell, right." Lightningfur scratched the side of his head. "What about for things other than conversation?"

    "Like what?" CaT raised a questioning eyebrow.

    "Like fight scenes." Lightningfur made a mock jab to accentuate his point. "If you have two people hitting each other over and over, how would make the wording for that more interesting?"

    "If your fight scenes consist only of two people hitting each other over and over, you're screwed anyways." CaT yawned. "But that's a topic for another lesson. Anyways, you can change up the verbage to change the implication of an action. For example, what sounds like a bigger hit? Someone getting punched, or someone getting smashed with a fist?"

    "Getting smashed with a fist sounds a lot more painful." Lightningfur winced.

    "Bingo." CaT said. "If you look at the technical meanings of the words, getting punched pretty much is getting smashed with a fist, but describing the action more dynamically can leave more of an impact on your audience."

    "Well, I'll be damned." Lightningfur sat up and put his paws on his hips in contemplation. "That's almost as crazy as this whole 'teaching a lesson using dialogue' thing."

    "But not nearly as stupid."

    My Current State of Being

    Art Corner


    Albedo (Milky Way Race)
    By ChromastoneandTabby

    A redesign of Albedo for Ben 10: Milky Way Race that gives him more of a mad scientist vibe.

    Ben 10 News

    A promo for Season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot has been spotted on TV, showing off more of the new alien armor. The aesthetic of the armor definitely links it to the new alien we have a blurry screenshot of, but hell if I know how it's gonna work in-show.

    Ben 10 Reboot Season 2 Promo00:29

    Ben 10 Reboot Season 2 Promo

    Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the sixty-seventh issue of The CaT Gazette! Feedback and support are appreciated!
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  • Only admins are allowed to remove threads from walls. You recently removed a message Manny sent you on your wall. I've restored it, but closed it. The next time this happens, it's best to inform one of the admins. We'll deal with it. Please read the rules to prevent this from happening again. Please note this is the second rule you've broken this week. If you break another, you will be temporarily blocked.

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    • Firstly the only rule I can find from a quick read of the rules regarding this issue is related to warnings.

      Secondly I do not see a problem with removing someone else's spam from your own wall. Worst case scenario, Manny wouldn't have been warned. But he was so I don't see the problem.

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    • An Anonymous User
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  • Would you like to learn about what you are, you are a massive jerk that controls everything.

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    UltiVerse closed this thread because:
    Disrespecting users
    01:59, September 15, 2017
  • Your comments towards Manny, regardless of the situation, were not exactly appropriate, especially the last two comments you made. If someone annoys you and whatnot, please just try to handle it more civilly. Thank you.

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