Metarid is one of the main characters in the series 40: The Last Splixson. He is the brains of Fred's team and a personal friend of Marcus. He is the creator of the Novatrix and R.O.B.


He has a great calculative and technical intellect. Also, Metarid's intellect serves as an analytical help in difficult situations. He is also an extremely skilled strategic genius, able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and applies them not only in battle, but any other activity that involves cunning intellect.


Unfortunately, Metarid's size makes him unsuitable for battle, and hence he must outsmart his enemies.


40: The Last Splixson

He appears in every episode of Season 1.

He does not make an appearance in Season 1.5, Anur Chronicles.

He appears in every episode of Season 2, excluding Thrill of the Hunt.