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I guess this is the end, for me anyway. I managed to spare time to know that the world is entering a new chapter. An end is really the start of something new.

–Miguel Rivers, Mig X: Revolution

Miguel Rivers
General Information
Species Enhanced Human
Home World Earth
Alias Mig (everyone)
Miggy (by Terox)
Alignment Good
Alternate Counterparts Miguel Tennyson
Miguel Tenison
Miguel Rivers
Miguel Stocker
Friends Wayne Rogers (deceased)
Trinity Michaels (girlfriend; deceased)
Shiar Shreen
Relatives Ryan Rivers (father; deceased)
Virginia Rivers (mother; deceased)
Daniel Rivers (uncle; deceased)
Dirty Sanchez (uncle)
Miranda Albright (aunt; deceased)
Age 17 (Mig X)
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Gamma Energy Manipulation (Impure; limited)
Equipment Gammatrix (Original) (formerly)
Gammatrix (formerly)
Card Association Three of Spades
Voice Actor David Faustino
First Appearance How It All Started

Miguel Rivers, or rather Mig, was the primary protagonist of the series Mig X.


The picture shows his general appearance. He has dark blue jeans and the Gammatrix on his left arm. He also has black and orange shoes and, occasionally, wears a black and orange jacket.


Mig is generally a caring person, though he has a lot of troubles. Due to his past and how mentally scarred he was, he often times lashes out and has depressive bouts which he cannot seem to shake off. Mig is also relatively confident in his fights and does little to distract himself from what is going on.

As a boyfriend, Mig is kind and caring and wants the best for Trinity Michaels

As a result of being even further mentally tortured by Terox in Mig X: Revolution, Mig's mental state has become more unpredictable. He becomes more violent and ruthless when fighting, but he also has more trust in him and love for his family.

A weakness Mig is his self control. Mig can sometimes get out of hand and tends to go into fights and ends up losing them as a result of this. 

Powers & Abilities

Due to the nature of Mig's genetic structure, he has acquired the abilities to use "Gamma Energy." This is basically control of all energy as well as heat, light, and he can create structures with this, essentially Aether manipulation itself. Though most of his abilities come out of his modified Gammatrix gauntlets, he can power it from inside of himself.


See Mig X Lore for more details.

Prior to Mig X

Mig was born in November of the year 1999 by his two parents, Ryan Rivers and Virginia Rivers. He was quite loved by his family, and was raised very well. His father was involved in genetic research and thus was not home often, leaving Virginia to care for him most of the time.

After Daniel Rivers, his uncle, had injected him with the alien DNA, Mig began to exhibit strange behavior and a few diseases as he was growing older and became a problem for his parents. Often times they did not know what to do and the doctors had no idea what was wrong with him; genetic research was suggested about him, but they did not want to pay for it and put Mig through the intense process at such a young age.

When Mig was about five years of age, his parents were both murdered, or so he thought, by Terox, shortly after he was with his father at the lab.


Gammatrix (Original)

Mig had wielded the first version of the Gammatrix during Mig X. This device was originally co-created by Dan and was not specifically meant for his usage, but due to the circumstances at the time, he had to wield to prevent his inevitable death. Eventually, the Gammatrix was destroyed during the finale.


After the first version was destroyed, Tekk had been making another, the 2.0 version. While it worked generally the same as its predecesor, Mig had went to Tekk to forcefully upgrade it, making it so it turned into more of a weaponry item, transforming into gauntlets at all. This also strengthened his DNA and made it so Mig could use it without dying.


Mig X

  • Every episode


  • Originally, his personality was to be more dark and vague, though this was cut out.
  • His favorite color is orange.
  • His birthday is somewhere in 1996.
  • Mig's Trump card is associated with Three of Spades, which has to deal with sticking to one's believes until the end and giving up everything for their goal.


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