Morphius is a villain in the series Simien 10. He is a very powerful alien who fought Zynon in the past. He appeared in the episode "Mysteries Part 2", though he was mentioned in the first part of it and appeared at it's end. He was defeated by Flashback.

Morphius 1
General Information


Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Secret meanwhile
Goal: Secret meanwhile
Abilities: Shapeshifting into thing he sees and getting it's powers
1st appearance: Mysteries Part 1
Arch-enemy: Zynon
Henchmen/Leader: The Sphinx, Easter Island Statues


  • Shapeshifting into stuff he sees (he can't copy something without seeing it first)
  • Getting the powers of the thing he copies


  • He also gets the weakness of the creature he copies
  • If he sees a reflection of himself he can't turn into anything
  • If he is hit five times, he will revert to his original form.

Species and planet

Species: Mutaforman



When he isn't a copy he looks like a completely white without horns

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