General Information
Species Dirtrist
Home World Watdirt
Body Short Bulky Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Mudshifter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mud Manipulation
Mud Blasting
Body Alteration
Anatomical Weapon Creation
Dirt Clouds
Equipment Created weapons
Mudshifter is a Dirtrist from the planet Watdirt in Ben 10: the Final Fight.


Mudshifter is a short, bulky humanoid with two thick arms and legs. He is made from dirt, and has patches of mud all over him. He has 5 black rocklike formations bulging from his head. Mudshifter has round, green eyes and a large mouth. The Ultimotrix symbol is around his upper left leg.


Mudshifter is made from dirt that he can turn into mud at will. While he is made of mud, he can freely manipulate the mud to change shape. He becomes malleable and can stretch long distances. He can move the formations on his head through his body and can combine them with his appendages to create weapons. The formations are nearly indestructible. He can also transform only certain parts of his body into mud.

Mudshifter can control mud and fire it from his body. He can absorb mud or dirt to become larger in size. This includes his own mud.

While Mudshifter is dirt, he is much more durable then when he is mud. However, while Mudshifter is mud, he is harder to hit because attacks go right through him.

Mudshifter can also blow out clouds of dirt to use as smokescreens.


While Mudshifter is mud, he can easily be washed away. He can also be forced into mud when wet. In addition, he can be forced into dirt when heated and dried.


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