MultiFreak is one of Ken's most powerful aliens, and his favorite.



  • Fire
  • Super Strength
  • Super Agility
  • Super Sonic screaming
  • Super Speed
  • Can control/merge with any technology
  • Flight
  • Intangability/Invisability
  • Can control diamonds


  • Water
  • His speed does not work on slime and ice
  • Since he is so big, he can only fly for a short amount of time
  • Light
  • Sonic Attacks

Ultimate MultiFreak

Ultimate Multifreak is the evolved version of MultiFreak. He is a combination of every known alien in the galaxy,

Ultimate MultiFreak

making him very powerful. Although, he cannot control himself in this form, so it is rarely used.

Species and Planet

Species: Mutantian

A mutantian is a combination of two or more species. Since there planet is so toxic, they morphed into mutantians to adapt to their world. However, the Helotrix considers it a species of it's own, as it is not stored in the "Hybrid DNA" section.

Planet: Toxia

Toxia is a toxic planet that is harmful to all species, but Polymorphs and Mutantians. Many believe the toxic gases on this planet killed off all the Goons.


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