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Neb 10 is the opposite of Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Each episode is an opposite
Neb 10

The title

version of a regular one. Neb has the Xirtinmo with all the aliens and ultimate aliens. Neb's team besides Retae Staf and Enivmitlu were originally villains, and the villains besides Ultimvine and Fast Eater were originally heroes, but they decided to switch roles.



Season 1

Episode Description Opposite of...
And There Were 46 Neb Nosynnet finds the Xirtinmo and uses it to battle Xagliv. And Then There Were 10
Washington C.D. Dr. Onima plans to control CD-like aliens to turn Thrae into a giant CD that plays his favorite music and lets him play his favorite games. Washington B.C.
The Crackin' A flying egg terroizes anything in the sky. The Krakken
Tourist's Rap A package sent to Doowlleb contains a ball of tape that releases a bunch of Ttahwagems. Tourist Trap


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