Ned is Ben's little brother. That was put up for adoption but when he was 6, he met his brother Ben then. They grew up bullying Gwen together. He was kidnapped by a crimi
nal at the age of 7. 5 Years later the police found him. He had an Omnitrix! He shares the same DNA as Ben and that DNA had the Omnitrix! Because Ben was already saving Bellwood. He decided to move to New York. There he became a big hero. His life was perfect after that. 2 years after that, the kidnapper striked back and got Ned and destroyed Ned's Omnitrix and Ned got out and escaped then Azmuth gave him an ultimatrix, and Ned got revenge on the kidnapper which turned out to be his dad that Ned left when he figured out that he had a brother. He is the father of Hunter
Snapshot 014

Neds mighteyena form

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