Neimis is a villain in the series Simien 10. He is Simien's clone. He appeared in the episode "Cloned".His name is Simien's spelled backwards. Neimis also sounds like the word Nemisis.

General Information


Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Almost killed the team, almost combined the opposite dimension with ours
Goal: Killing Simien
Abilities: Super strength, shooting destructive webs, turning into many opposite aliens
1st appearance: Cloned
Arch-enemy: Simien
Henchmen/Leader: Sukrov (leader)


  • Sticking to walls
  • Shooting Destructive webs


  • Turning into 25 opposite aliens
  • Super strenght


  • Not agile

Species and Planet

Species: Pmichinchara (cloned Arachnichimp)

Planet: Aimmicsahnara


He looks just like Simien, just color-swapped.


All Neimis's aliens are opposite clones of Simien's aliens, which is why their name is spelt backwards. Some aliens where not used by him, so their powers are unknown.

Niardica: Acidrain's opposite. A yellow hard blob alien that hardens things.

Eriftserof:Forestfire's opposite. A technology alien that controlls ice and technology

Erephsotengam: Magnetosphere's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is turning into a cube.

Ezeerfniarb: Brainfreeze's opposite. A centaur-alien that is dumb and controlls fire.

Reshurcenob: Bonecrusher's opposite. A alien that controlls the living and is really hard.

Etibagem: Megabite's opposite. A dinosaur alien that absorbs electricity and pukes out stuff.

Tabrosba: Absorbat's opposite. Powers unknown.

Ylfnogard: Dragonfly's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is being huge.

Evawdnuos: Soundwave's opposite. Powers unknown.

Tibllird: Drillbit's opposite. Powers unknown.

OG2H: H2GO's opposite. A alien that is very slow, can fly, swim and gooey

Eloh Krad: Dark Hole's opposite. Powers unknown.

Dniwlrihw: Whirlwind's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is shrinking.

Kcabekips: Spikeback's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is turning into a cube.

Retsiwt Eugnot: Tongue Twister's opposite. Powers unknown.

Aibophonchara: Arachnophobia's opposite. A spider alien that can become hard, be viewable through walls and shoot destructive webs.

Noitpure: Eruption's opposite. A hard alien made of liquid nitrogen that can freeze.

Kcabshalf: Flashback's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is going forward in time.

Ezirethaew: Weatherize's opposite. Powers unknown.

Naecatshurc: Crushtacean's opposite. A very weak crab alien.

Ynori: Irony's opposite. Powers unknown.

LMN: NML's opposite. Powers unknown. Not related to Multi-Trixes's LMN.

Otpelk: Klepto's opposite. Powers unknown, maybe giving things to people.

Tenalp Sag: Gasplanet's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is being tiny.

Ximota: Atomix's opposite. Powers unknown, possibly one of them is being huge.

Wasniach: Chainsaw's opposite. Powers unknown.

Neimis 000,01 aliens

In the episode Flashback to the future, Simien meets the future version of Neimis, who had some new clones

Tuokcalb: Blackout's opposite. A alien that can turn on machines by thought and controll light.

Yeknomesaerg: Greasemonkey's opposite. Powers unknown.

Gnayniy: Yinyang's opposite. Powers unknown.

Nwodekarb: Brakedown's opposite. Powers unknown.

Roles in episodes

Coming soon.

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