Nightmare is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Phantodemon from the Shadow Realm.

As Alan:

Nightmare has the same powers except he's a Terrorscream and when he pulls his hood down his face, will terrify you, something to not forget.

Powers and Abilities

Nightmare has the main power of putting enemies to sleep and giving them horrible nightmares, inducing fear wherever he goes. Depending on how long the foe is asleep, and what he does in their dreams, this power can range from being emotional painful to physically deadly. Nightmare can control whatever happens in the dream, whenever.

Aside from this, he has powers similar to ghosts: Invisibility, Intangibility, and Possession.

Nightmare is equipped with claws sharp enough to slice steel. He also is stronger than he looks and has shown to be able to lift something as heavy as a car.

Nightmare has telekinesis, but this power is only available when he isn't in a dream, as it would be useless in one.


Unlike Ghostfreak or Whampire, Light only momentarily stuns and blinds Nightmare, so it isn't deadly.

Nightmare's nightmarish powers are neutralized when the Omnitrix times out. This means the enemy will be revoked of any bad dreams and will recover from them almost instantly.

Any being with a strong spirit can endure his nightmares, and even return the bad dream to him, ultimately defeating him.

Nightmare virtually has literally no powers while inside a foe's dreams, except controlling them at his will. He cannot physically harm the enemy unless he causes serious trauma while in their dreams.  


  • Nightmare was created by K.J March
  • Azmuth is skeptical on whether Ben should have this transformation.

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