File:Nightmare by kjmarch.jpg

Nightmare, a all new alien introduced in the all new series, Ben10: Galaxy Hero.

Species and Homeworld:

Nightmare is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a PhantoDemon from the Shadow Realm which was built by K.J March and his army of Xenodrones.

Powers and Abilities:

Nightmare can possess living beings and control their thoughts, similiar to that of a Ectonurite. With his creepy powers, he has mastery over creating Force Feilds, Shadow Manipulation, Flight, Intangebility, and limited Telepathy on sentient and non-sentient beings. He can also survive with no Oxygen at all.

He also has access to beams of dark energy, which he can shoot from his hands.


Also similiar to an Ectonurite, any form or amount of light can make Nightmare feel undescribable pain.

Trivia: ==

  • Nightmare's species and homeworld were inspired by the artist known as K.J March, who also drew Nightmare.
  • Nightmare is extremely similiar to Ghostfreak in many ways.
  • Nightmare's DNA was hard to aquire, due to his species's cold-hearted, cruel nature.

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