is a special where fans of Noah 10 and Zero Hero ask random questions and Noah and Zero answer them.

Here we go.

(Noah): Hullo.

(Zero): And welcome to our question thingy!

(Noah): Ask in the comments below and we shall answer!


(Noah and Zero): COME ON!


(Noah): Hey, we got a question from UEE09. "Who would win in a fight. Big Time Rush or Justin Bieber?".

(Zero): The answer is...

(Noah): EVERYBODY LOSES. kk Next question.

(Zero): Here's a question from Ship. Are either of you Lady Gaga in disguise? Don't lie, Lady Gaga, don't lie.

(Noah): The short answer is...

(Both): *Insert every curse word here*! ARE YOU FUDGING MAD!?

(Zero): Next.

(Noah): "Why are you guys so stewpeed and weird?" From Brian.

(Zero): Because we are. Next.

(Noah): Two questions. First is from Figy. "Two things, Do you like pie and Gir? If you like pie and gir you are epicly awesomeness awesome sauce of awesomeness....... of epicness"

(Zero): *Ahem*


(Noah): Next is from Time. Goop vs Upgrade?

(Both): UPGRADE!

(Noah): "Fight to find out". I DIBS UPGRADE.

(Zero): I DI--Aw.

Noah transforms into Upgrade while Zero powers up to Goop. Zero shot acid at Noah, but Noah dodged and shot Zero's UFO, rendering him immobile. Zero powered down. Noah reverted.

(Noah): There you have it. NEXT!

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