Ben after learning the lesson, fought like his old mature self. Vilgax, Ghostfreak, Gigante Grande, Charmcaster, Augur, Hex, Jinx (Charmcaster's younger sis) and Sevenseven attacked the world. Omimatrix have to be used. Ben unlocked  his aliens which turned out to be a 10 Ben 10 (not Alien Force) aliens! Ben changes into Heatblast and blasted all of the team of villians. Ben then changes into Wildmutt, Wildmutt made a sonic howl which blasted the Villians. After a month without an owner, Ben's DNA was had to locate in the Omimatrix. Azmuth tells Ben that he will extract his DNA. The Karate Battle has come to the end or not.....

Aliens used





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