Albedo was in his cell when Vilgax appears in hologram.
"Master," says Albedo.
"Albedo, get the Omnitrix at any cost. Defeat Ben Tennyson. Your Ultimatrix has been delivered to your cell" Vilgax said.
Albedo look in his window and sees the Ultimatrix.
"Do not worry Master" Albedo says putting the Ultimatrix. "Ben Tennyson will fall."
In Ben's conference with people from Bellwood ...
"The Alliance stands and stronger. The city is being haunted by criminals, "says a worried woman.
"Do not worry," says Ben, "because when the day is darkest just before dawn." And close your conference.
"Well you said" says Julie.
"Vilgax is a business leader," answered Ben.
"But I trust you," says Julie and kisses Ben.
"I must go," says Julie.
"Thank you" replies Ben.
Suddenly the ground shakes and Ben is transformed into Ooze and save Julie.
"Thanks," says Julie.
Humongousaur leaves the ground.
"Albedo" says Ben.
"Hi, Ben Tennyson" answers Albedo and press the Ultimatrix.
"ULTIMATE HUMONGOUSAUR!" Screams Albedo evolve.
"Very well," says Humongousaur Ooze and passes.
"Watch out Ben" says Julie.
Spinosaurus Ben hits and it falls. Julie helps you to keep fighting. Ben transforms into Diamondhead. Four passes Albedo Arms.
"Hello" said Albedo.
"Go," said Julie.
"Come Together" Albedo and said Julie was with him under the earth.
"JULIE!" Shouted Humongousaur.


  • Ben Tennyson
    * Julie Yamamoto
    * Vilgax (In hologram)
    * Albedo

Used Aliens

  • Ooze
  • Humongousaur (By Albedo and by Ben)
  • Ultimate Humongousaur (By Albedo)

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