In this episode Starr attacks Ben and knocks him out only to take him to Timeprince and DNA Sucker.What happens is DNA Sucker puts Omnitrix 2 on Timeprince (since it can only be activated with the real omnitrix and it would not stick onto DNA Sucker).Then Timeprince goes and Attacks Bellwood.Ben then activates the Omnitrix and turns into Nightmare Humongasaur.He escapes and attacks Timeprince who is also Nightmare Humongasaur.They fight until a new plumber squad called the Sticker Squad comes and shoots stickers that knock you out.They knock out Ben by accident.Timeprince escapes as Nightmare Jetray.The Sticker Squad take Ben bake to his house.Can he wake up in time to stop Timeprince?


  • Ben
  • Starr
  • DNA Sucker
  • Timeprince
  • Sticker Squad

Aliens Used by Ben

  • Nightmare Humongausaur

Aliens Used by TimePrince

  • Nightmare Humongasaur
  • Nightmare Jetray

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