Gwen goes into a time portal where she stopped Kevin from being turned into a gargoyle, monster. However this eventually alters the future of Ben, Gwen and Kevin. In the alteration, by magic Ben forgets their alliance with Kevin and fought and Kevin sent Ben into the Null Void. This give Hel and Silhouette the upper hand and they rule the universe and Hel got the Omimatrix and merging many and many dimension into Ben's (DC, Pokemon, Mario, Star Wars and Naruto). Olympus crumbled. Gwen went peacefully back into the present and found out that Hel and Silhouette ruled the universe. Gwen found the Ethereal Plumbers and found that they are mind-wiped by Vulkanus. Gwen find Kevin but saw his vanity and cruelity and told Gwen and he transported Ben to the Null Void. Gwen must face the past and the present to become real again.

Aliens used

  • Overflow
  • Rockhard
  • Common-Cold
  • Samurai (Future form - altered by time)
  • Razor Edge (Normal Form)
  • Angelhands (Normal Form)


  • Julie must have died, during the altered present (maybe in the fight)
  • Omnitrix must have been taken by means of dark magic
  • Samurai looks mind-wiped and isn't agile
  • Hel's Dog Garm is still a chairdog.
  • Kevin's normal form looks like Elvis Presley
  • How could Kevin didn't know about Gwen's time travel?
  • After the true present, only Paradox seems to know about Gwen's time travel.

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