Air Date :

5th June 2011

Plot :

While Gwen (Ben in gwens body) and Kevin are dating, Ben (gwen in bens body) talks a walk until he met his friend Elena and she tells him that her and her father are moving back to Bellwood and They both started to hang out then julie gets jealous and starts to win him back with Ship until she was kidnapped by alien killers The vreedle brothers who love switching humans bodies (male to female). they were with Vilgax, Six Six,Vulcanus and Kraab.

But Kevin does not yet know that the body switch took place and that he is dating ben instead of gwen

if they do not defeat the vreedle brothers in 24 hours they will remain in each others bodies forever.

Characters :

  • Ben Tennyson (ben10 alien force)
  • Gwen Tennyson (ben10 alien force)
  • Kevin Levin (ben10 alien force)

Villains :

  • Vreedle Brothers
  • Kraab
  • Six Six and Vulcanus
  • Vilgax

Aliens used in bens body :

  • cannonbolt
  • four arms
  • grey matter

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