General Information
Species Fromtrean
Home World Treesfrist
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Paperstorm
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Size Changing
Color Changing
Paperstorm is a Fromtrean from the planet Treesfrist in Ben 10: the Final Fight. He has an Ultimate form, Ultimate Paperstorm.


Paperstorm is a tall, white humanoid with a round head and legs. He has rectangular hands, and six fingers total. The Ultimotrix symbol is on his right wrist.


Paperstorm has the ability to fly, and does this very often, as he can barely stand up. He can become bigger or smaller, and can change his color.


As paper, Paperstorm can easily be ripped, burned, or shredded. He cannot control pieces of himself that were detached from him.

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