Jax 10 (Rebooted)
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 5/24/2013
Written by DF
Directed by DF
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Hunted (Jax 10)


Unknown Location
Unknown Sometime in 1998

In a dark room a scientist and a general are looking at big metal portal.

(Scientist): It is not safe at all. But if we can do it, it will be the discovery of a lifetime!

(General): It better be, Paradox.

(Paradox): Professor Paradox.

Paradox activates the portall. Then the blue portal turns purple and a hand reaches out and grabs Paradox.

(Paradox): Ahhhhhhhh

Paradox is pulled into the portal and then the portal explodes!

(General): What was that!?? Where where'd he go? Paradox?

Friday. The present 3:00

Jax is fighting 3 ninjas as Recon.

(Recon): Alright, ninjas you came out of that portal, your going back in!

(Ninja 1): Destroy.

(Ninja 2): Destroy all life, destroy. Destroy. Conquer timeline.

(Ninja 1): Destroy all life. Conquer timeli-

Recon punches ninja 1 and kicks ninja 3.

(Ninja 2): Destroy threat to Eon.

(Recon): Yeah, yeah destroy destroy.

Recon kicks Ninja 2 in the balls and then throws them all into the portals. Recon revirts back to human.

(Jax): Well that was easy.

(???): It is not over... yet.

Jax turns to see Paradox.

(Paradox): Hello there, Jax.

Jax transforms into Corefreeze and freezes Paradox's body leaving his head un-frozen.

(Corefreeze): How do you who I am?

(Paradox): Ah yes, Corefreeze.

(Corefreeze, charging an ice blast): TELL ME NOW!

(Paradox): Very well then. First things first. I am time traveler I walk across time and space itself. And I have come to your timeline because I need to stop "It."

(Corefreeze): And what is "It" exactly?

(Paradox): Ask him yourself.

A purple portal forms behind Icepick and Eon walks out.

(Eon): Paradox!

(Corefreeze): Who is that?

(Paradox): Eon. For some reason he just so desperately has to kill me.

(Eon): You know the exact reason I want to kill you!

(Paradox): Oh yes, he wants my chrono-navigator.

(Eon): And I intend to get it!

(Corefreeze): Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Stop! I want know what is going on here.

(Paradox): Us, fighting.

Paradox pulls out a laser pistol and begins firing at Eon.

(Eon): Arggghhhh! Your lasers can't save you, Timewalker!

Corefreeze shoots a freeze beam at Eon who backflips away.

(Eon): Fool.

Eon fires a time sphere at Corefreeze who creates an Ice Shield and deflects it.

(Corefreeze): Nice try!

(Eon) I will destroy you!

(Corefreeze): Yeah, good luck with that while I'm a-

Corefreeze times out.

(Jax): -Alien. Aw crap!

(Eon): Ha! So easily they fall.]

(Jax): Um, Prof?

(Paradox): Well, your watch is recharged.

(Jax): It is?

Jax transforms.

(Gi-Ant): Gi-Ant! Now you're gonna fall.

Gi-Ant punches Eon into a nearby Toy Store.

(Gi-Ant): Oops. I wanted to buy that.

The Omnitrix starts beeping and it turns yellow.

(Gi-Ant): What?

(Paradox): Goodness I know more about your watch than you do it seems. It's in scan mode. It's going to scan Eon.

(Gi-Ant): And why do I want that?

(Paradox) To fight back of course!

(Eon): Paradox! How long will you hide behind Jax Anderson.

(Gi-Ant): Seriously! He knows me too!

Eon transforms.

(Diamondhead): Face me now!

The Omnitrix scans blue again.

(Paradox): Now, Jax!

Gi-Ant transforms.

(Eon (alien)): Eon!

(Diamondhead): What!

Eon (Alien) blasts Diamondhead with a purple beam teleporting him away.

(Eon (alien)): I did it!

(Paradox): Yes.

(Eon (alien)): And I've got a new alien!

(Paradox): Yes. Bye now see you in 20 years or 2 months.




Aliens Used

By Jax

By Eon