Species: Aerophibian
Home planet: Aeropela
Body type: Manta-ray
Abilities: Super speed, neuroshock blasts from eyes and tail, able to swim and fly at super sonic speeds, superhuman durability

Penux is an Aerophibian mercenary.Unlike the other hunters, Penux is allied against Vilgax and

Demonstar.After helping Fred to defeat the other hunters, during which Fred learns to use the Infimatrix strategically, he decides that the Infimatrix is in good hands, allowing it to remain with Fred.


Penux is able to fly and swim at the speed of sound. He can breathe both underwater and on land, making him an all-terrain specie. Other than this,he is able to fire a nueroshock blast from his eyes and tail. This beam can be used from either damaging an organic attacker's nervous system, or be able to "blow a hole in an engine block". It is possible that Penux doesn't need air to breathe or fly.


  • Not good on land
  • Can't take strong attacks without getting knocked to the ground

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