Ben as a Petrosapien

Petrosapiens are a crystalline species that can shoot and control crystals. They can make spears out of their arms (see picture) and bring crystals out of the ground. Many people think they're made of Taedenite, but they only look like it. Vilgax wiped all of them out, with the exception of Tetrax, but they were revived.They can be hurt by sonic waves.

In John Smith 10, they can be killed if their heads are destroyed. This is shown when Tetrax was killed by a sonic blast by destroying his head.


In OmniDragon 10, when they die, they can be revived if a diamond from their head is planted into Petropian earth and then forced to grow by Petrosapiens powers.

Known Petrosapiens

Evolved Petrosapiens

Petrosapien Hybrids/Fusions

  • Diamondactyl (Biomnitrix fusion, 1/2 Astodactyl's species)
  • Ultimate Kevin (part Petrosapien)
  • Rehk (Half)
  • Threshold 1/5 Mutant Hybrid


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