The Forever Queen tried to get the sub-energy from the Rushmore estate. Ben changes into Angelhands and teleported Gwen, Himself and Kevin to Rushmore. Angelhands and his team are attacked by the Forever Knights. Angelhands shot them with the mana. Angelhands changes into Razor Edge and speed through the Mountains, where the Forever Queen confronted and kidnapped Kevin and Gwen. Ben changes into Teleportal and navigated Forever Queen and saved Gwen. Kevin and Reinsarrc III unlocked an alien to stop the Forever Queen form the Omimatrix. Ben changes into........ his original alien Mindmesser. Mindmesser confronted the Queen and hypnotized and demand her to give the Sub-Energy. After the saving the day, Azmuth unlocked Ben - 5 of his aliens. They are Earth Shaker, Common-Cold, Alien X, Overflow and Toepick.

Aliens used


Razor Edge




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