Princess Beauty has been a stub for a while!

She is a princess that is created when anodite DNA drips onto a tea cup in the episode A Baby Story. She is super beautiful and has the power to make men do whatever she says! It will be hard for Ben to fight her!

Video Games

Princess Beauty can be dangerous villain to Ken 10. Her attack, the dance spin could throw Ken away dealing half of his HP.

In the fan game Ben 10:Mystery of The Mirrors, Princess Beauty once appeared. This time she is now invincible, but thanks to Shy and Gwen, she got a bit weaker. To attack her, you need to wait for her to do an attack, use a defensive and offensive move that will make the attack bounce to her. After her defeat, she tries one last chance to beat the team, She tries to use the Mirror of Gender to turn both Gwen and Shy to men, but since Shy had the hold of the Mirror of Age, she sucked the aura with the mirror and bounced it to Beauty, turning her to a crybaby.

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