Rising is the pilot episode of the Zack 10 (Series),which features the main hero Zack 10 and how he found an  Ultimatrix .The series takes place on an alternate timeline.


Zack goes to surf on the night,without his parent's permission.When he gets to the beach ,he starts to surf as always,while he is on the sea resting on his surfing board, he sees a flash of light that falls into the ocean.

The rare flash of light that falls in the ocean is no more than an Ultimatrix packed inside a Protective shell that opened when it falled in the ocean,releasing a feedback pulse that causes a giant wave to fall over Zack,hitting Zack and leaving him unconcious,Zack falls deep into the ocean.But the Ultimatrix founds Zack and connects to his left wrist,Zack then unintentionally awakes inside the water and sees the dvice,his first tought is to push the green button,and rapidly pushes it transforming in Deathray,allowing him to rise to the surface and escape to the beach.He later turns into his human form again.He then realizes the device has alot of holograms of various creatures ,he wants to go home.On the way to his house he founds some burglars robbing a couple,so he uses the device and turns into Fireking ,rapidly defeating the burglars and unintentionally sacaring the innocent couple.

Far from Earth a fleet of war ships is heading towards the Milky way,leaded by a conqueror named Magnamor .But he can't enter the Milky way because of a protective forcefield (created by ancient protectors ) which disables his fleet from enter the galaxy.

So he sends some of his top ranking robotic soldiers to attack Earth and retrieve what may be the key to enter the Milky way ,a device that has on it the code to disable the forcefield;the device is rumored to be on the Smithsonian museum at Washington.

Name reference

  • The episode title could refer to the fact that Zack 10 rises from the ocean to the surface.
  • It also refers to the plot in which a new hero (Zack 10 ) rises.




Zack 10's Ultimatrix



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