This alien has only appeared in an Asian play, little is known about him, so the info below is fanon.

Rocks is an alien from the Asian play Power of the Omnitrix. He is yet to appear in the American cartoon series, and probably never will.

Ken 10: The Adventure Begins

He appeares in the episode Ken 10: The Cybot Factory.

Noah 10

He will appear in Super Matrix as an additional spoilers beach. He has super strength and terrakinesis.

Ben 10: Super Omniverse

He first appears in The Wizard of Osmos 5.


Rocks appears in Xverse.

The Master Of The Omnitrix

Rocks is to appear, around season one, and will be used often.He looks like his picture from a fan-made episode I think?But he has a green with black stripes belt with an Omnitrix symbol on it, and has fingerless gloves, black pants, and a black and green cape.

Mark 10

  • The Past Strikes Back (First Appearance)
  • Ra God of Destruction
  • Mission: Possible
  • Fear the Unknown
  • Darksied

Charles 10

He is the elemental alien of earth. His Polytrix symbol appears on his belt for the first time in any series. He first appears in Element-ary, my dear Polytrix to defeat the large horde of ghouls who apparently decided that roast polar bear with a side of Polytrix was just the thing for dinner.


Note: We only know what he looks like from his PotO appearance and a figure released in Asia, but we do not know if he will keep this appearance IF he ever appears in the American cartoon series someday, so these are fanon.

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