Charmcaster's brother paid a visit to Charm caster. His name was Augur. Ben then attacked Charm-caster. Augur blasted Ben out of the temple. Gwen saved Ben. Augur saw Gwen and tried not to shoot her. Kevin was jealous and attacked Augur. Augur then stormed Kevin into the temple's sculpture. After that Augur asked Gwen on a date. This upsets Kevin and spied Augur and Gwen. Augur changed his name in Rugua. Kevin and Charmcaster team up and spied. While Ben changes into Rath and stormed the restaurant. Ben then change into Echo Echo and screams at Augur. Gwen used her mana field and blasted Augur out of the restaurant. Augur recited a spell but Gwen deflected the spell. Ben changed into Samurai and kicked Augur. Augur fled but caught by Dana and Nadira, the Ethereal Plumbers. But Augur told them that he still likes Gwen.

Aliens Used




Echo Echo


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