D-Void is up to something ...


Ben asked Gwen if she finds any trace of Dr. Animo and Doppleganger. Ben fights an Evil Pisciss Volanns turns out to be Zeszon. Later, Ben uses Deathvoid to escape his friends. Ben's team operates with his arch-enemies and all. Ben fights his ways to the towers in the Null void and finds Tempeter and Kevin who fires lasers at him. Ben dodges as Swampflame. Later, Pierce and Manny attacks him. Later, an army of Alien Force species attack Ben (including an Apploplexian). D-Void (Dr. Animo) summons Raphael to fight. Unknown what is going on, Dr. Animo explains that he turns everyone into his obedience. He rips the hole in Null Void (again). Conquering Sightra, Luna Lobo and Anur Transyl. Ben goes back in time and uses Freezer to freeze the Driller. Later, he uses Cerebellum to stop the driller. Cerebellum sents Dr. animo into a time loop winning and losing forever.



  • Ben: Hey, Gwen seen Dr. Animo
  • Gwen (Hypnotized): Ben Tennyson, surrender or die

  • Cerebellum: Hello, Dear arch-enemy Dr. Animo! First I say: Knock Knock Is someone there and you say "Who dares defeat Dr. Animo aka D-void"
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Stranger in Wonderland Video Game RPG

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