Ryan Rivers



General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Physiology Humanoid
Alias Kurss
Alignment Good (formerly)
Friends Terox (formerly)
Relatives Miguel Rivers (son; deceased)
Daniel Rivers (brother)
Virginia Rivers (spouse; deceased)
Age 48
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Soul Manipulation
Object Formation
Enhanced Condition
Card Association Two of Hearts
First Appearance How It All Started
Ryan Rivers, also known as Kurss, is a main antagonist of the series Mig X.


Before he was turned into Kurss, (look at pic).

Once he was turned into Kurss, (look at pic).

Powers & Abilities

Seen in the infobox.


Mig's father, Ryan Rivers, worked as a part-time biological scientist with his good friend, T Erox. He supported his family and loved his son, Mig, very deeply. When Mig was "attacked" by T because of his urges to access Mig's alien DNA and figure out more, he quickly fled with Mig and knew that worse came to worse. His house was broken into by Terox and his wife was murdered in cold blood. He was then attacked by his former best friend, leaving Terox to get Mig out safely until he would use him in the near future. Nothing is known of what became of him after the explosion coming from his house.

After being revealed to have survived, he was now reborn as the evil, insane, and angry Kurss, now with power and driven by these emotions only due to Terox.


Mig X


  • He associated with Terox before he knew he was an alien.
  • When he was presumed deceased, it was actually Terox who "created" Kurss and gave him his powers.
  • His insanity and anger drives him, and he cannot think straight.
    • This is why he calls himself "living insanity."
  • Kurss/Ryan's Trump card is Two of Hearts, which represents fear of losing everyone close to them and desire peace at all costs.
Mig X
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