• can turn stick like objects into swords
  • can sting opponets
  • can survive under water


Species: Zeror or Zeroses

Home world: Axleemar

Planet info: Axleemar is a planet with a wild forest veiw with small puddles of water however in those puttles are the homes of millions of Zerorses but the holes arn't linked. Axleemar has 1 moon they call it "Sitaduul" there god of secrets. Axleemar has a type of metal that only comes from Axleemar it's called "Mornaug" a metal that can with stand ony climatt and not be effect.

Specieinfo: the Zerorses are a samurai like species that use swords for combat they judge people my how they fight with swords not by winning.

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