Satyr is a villain in Fred 50. He is the same species as P'andor and NRG though he isn't trapped in an armor like P'andor. He is

Species: Prypiatosian-B
Home planet: Unknown
Body type: Humanoid/Energy/Armored
Abilities: Radioactive beams, Intense heat, Impenetrable armor, Flight(True form), Intangibility(True form), Energy absorption(True form), Super strength (Only in Armor)

one of Fred's strongest enemies.


He cannot be physically touched by anyone except for something composed of the same compound as his suit. His powers are far stronger and more dangerous. Also, he eats energy, and the more he eats, the bigger and stronger he becomes.Satyr using his powers.

Satyr using his powers

Satyr using his powers


He can be trapped in the same metal his suit is made of.

Satyr trapped in his armor

Satyr trapped in his armor

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