Secrets of the Polytrix: The Game is a video game on the series Simien 10. It is based on the movie Secrets of the Polytrix, and many villains from the show appear in it. It is the first game for the series, the second being Simien 10: Heroes and third being Simien 10: Villains. It is playable in the PS2, DS, Wii and PSP.


In a little movie Simien and Zyrokks are seen fighting, when Zyrokks shoots a lightning bolt to the Polytrix. Simien is unconsious, but when wakes up he discovers that he is in the Nave Espacial. Zynon says to Simien that the Polytrix's alien's DNA was erased, which means he can't turn into aliens. Furthermore, the Polytrix could detach from his arm, then you choose who gets the Polytrix. After you choose, Zynon says that he borrowed a spaceship for them to go to Alpha Solaranlage to get the aliens back. They fly to Alpha Solaranlage. Another movie is shown, where Zyrokks calls all Simien's enemies, such as Phobius, Sukrov, Aglaope and Zilemm. When the team reaches Alpha Solaranlage, they start going through the planets of the solar system, fighting bosses and getting the new aliens when beating them. After going through the planets, a portal to Buconeron appears where the team's spaceship goes through it. When they get inside, they discover Zyrokks is inside. After beating him, the team flies back to Earth and the game is finished.


Playable Characters

  • Simien
  • Zynon
  • Vorkus
  • Allen (can only be in human form but uses all his powers)
  • Ic
  • Zyrokks (by cheat)
  • Evolved Necrofriggian (by cheat)
  • Sukrov (by cheat)
  • Ci (by cheat)
  • Nonyz (by cheat)
  • Nella (by cheat)
  • Mad Evolved Simien (by cheat)
  • Vark (by cheat)
  • Arcticfreak (by cheat)

Skins (accesable by cheats)

  • Zyrokks (Zynon skin)
  • Evolved Necrofriggian (Ic skin)
  • Sukrov (Vorkus skin)
  • Ci (Ic skin)
  • Nonyz (Zynon skin)
  • Nella (Allen skin)
  • Mad Evolved Simien (Simien skin)
  • Vark (Vorkus skin)
  • Arcticfreak, Arcticguana and Ghostfreak combo (Ic skin)

(At the start you choose which one gets the Polytrix, which means any one can turn into the playable Polytrix aliens)

Non-playable characters

  • Omnimorph (he helps you through the game by telling how to play and about villains around)
  • Permbyt (Sometimes appears around the levels for the player to ride on.)

Polytrix aliens

  • Irony
  • NML
  • Magnetosphere (unlocked by defeating a Magnetosphere monster)
  • Brainfreeze (unlocked by defeating the Sphinx)
  • Drillbit (unlocked by defeating Sukrov)
  • Bonecrusher (unlocked by defeating Phobius)
  • Whirlwind (unlocked by defeating Prof. Len Yuefo)
  • Acidrain (unlocked by defeating Xiv and Xvi)
  • Soundwave (unlocked by defeating Aglaope)
  • H2GO (unlocked by defeating Aquelectran)
  • Megabite (unlocked by defeating Zilemm)
  • Crushtacean(unlocked by defeating Set)
  • Absorbat (unlocked by defeating Anuke)
  • Eruption (unlocked by defeating The Pyro-Knight)
  • Dark Hole (avaliable a little time before fighting Zyrokks)
  • Atomix (by cheat) (when transformed into him he eliminates all villains on screen (not including bosses))



  • Easter Island Statues (Glace Cerveaun)
  • Neimises (weaker and without the Polytrix) (Geon)
  • Nonyzes (Geon)
  • Cis (Geon)
  • Phrominmo (Geon)
  • Transylvanians (Espiritu)
  • Loboans (Espiritu)
  • Ectonurites (Espiritu)
  • Alien-like robots (Aimsir)
  • Acid Derreteirs (Fundirse)
  • Sand Derreteirs (Fundirse)
  • Rock Derreteirs (Fundirse)
  • Mutant Jellyfishes (Espacio Enorme)
  • Hypnotised Aguasonidans (Acqua Succhaire)
  • Mutant plants (Selva)
  • Dejavian Corrodium mutants (Dejavia)
  • Exetremely strong Assorbonos (Kuyeyusha)
  • Fire-creatures (Alpha Solaranlage (sun))
  • Spherodroids (Buconeron,Dejavia and Kuyeyusha)
  • Geodroids (Buconeron,Dejavia and Kuyeyusha)
  • Omnidroids (Buconeron,Dejavia and Kuyeyusha)


(When written the name of the planet in the checkpoints, that means the checkpoint is around the planet with nothing special, and when the boss name is wriiten, that means a boss fight)

 Level 1

Planet: Glace Cerveaun

Aliens unlocked: Brainfreeze, Magnetosphere (by defeating a monster)

Villains: Easter Island statues.

Checkpoints: Glace Cerveaun, Cryon city, Sphinx

Boss: The Sphinx

Level 2

Planet: Geon

Alien unlocked: Drillbit

Villains: Neimises (no Xirtylop), Nonyzes, Cis, Phrominmos

Checkpoints: Geon, Aarde city, Sukrov

Boss: Sukrov

Level 3

Planet: Espiritu

Alien unlocked: Bonecrusher

Villains: Ectonurites, Transylvanians and Loboans.

Checkpoints: Espiritu, Underworld, Phobius

Boss: Phobius

Level 4

Planet: Aimsir

Alien unlocked: Whirlwind

Villains: Alien-like robots

Checkpoints: Aimsir, Great Grey spot, Prof. Len Yuefo

Boss: Prof. Len Yuefo

Level 5

Planet: Fundirse

Alien unlocked: Acidrain

Villains: Acid Derreteirs, Sand Derreteirs, Rock Derreteirs

Checkpoints: Fundirse, contident Aigeade, Xiv and Xvi

Bosses: King Xiv and Queen Xvi

Level 6

Planet: Espacio Enorme

Alien unlocked: H2GO

Villains: Mutant jelly fishes

Checkpoints: Espacio Enorme, The Water tube, Aquelectran

Boss: Aquelectran

Level 7

Planet: Acqua Succhaire

Alien unlocked: Soundwave

Villains: Hypnotized Aguasonidans

Checkpoints: Acqua Succhaire, Imonian tunnels, Aglaope

Boss: Aglaope

Level 8

Planet: Selva

Aliens unlocked: Megabite

Villains: Mutant plants

Checkpoints: Araignee (one of Selva's moons, Arachnophobia's homeplanet), Selva, Zilemm

Boss: Zilemm

Level 9

Planet: Dejavia

Alien unlocked: Crushtacean (Note: This is the only level when the alien unlocked in it doesn't live on the planet the level is on)

Villains: Corodium-affected Dejavians, Spherodroids, Geodroids, Omnidroids

Checkpoints: Dejavia, Planetal mirrors, Set

Boss: Set

Level 10

Planet: Kuyeyusha

Alien unlocked: Absorbat

Villains: Spherodroids, Geodroids, Omnidroids

Boss: Anuke

Level 11

Planet: Alpha Solaranlage

Alien unlocked: Eruption

Villains: Fire creatures, fire Knights, Dragons

Checkpoints: Alpha Solaranlage, Solar Prominence (a giant flame), The Pyro-Knight

Boss: The Pyro-Knight

Level 12

Planet: Buconeron

Alien unlocked: Dark Hole (unlocked on Buconeron)

Villains: Spherodroids, Geodroids, Omnidroids

Checkpoints: Spaceship, Buconeron, Zyrokks robot

Boss: Zyrokks

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