This is a complete list of episodes of the first season of Seth 10.

Image Title Writer(s) Villains New Aliens #
Seth+Aliens=10 User:Weirdo Guy None 01
Seth Hyperson discovered a device called the Omnitrix and has to use it to stop a mysterious alien shapeshifter named Yulong .
Liax Attacks User:Weirdo Guy None 02
Liax comes and attacks Seth with the help of Yulong. Then Seth recieved Liax's DNA sample and tries to turn into him. Although, he defeats him with Ghostfreak instead. At the end Liax murders Yulong due to his failures.
The Secret of Ghostfreak User:Weirdo Guy Big Chill 03
Ghostfreak escapes the watch, but leaves a new alien behind. Now Seth must use this new alien, Big Chill, to put Ghostfreak back in the Omnitrix.
OmniAttack User:Weirdo Guy


Seth encounters a new villian. The most dangerous alien Seth has ever encountered. His name was Vilgax, a Chimera Sui Generis that was ruler of Vilgaxia and all the Chimera Sui Generis'.
UltraMan Saves the Day User:Weirdo Guy
  • UltraMan
None 05
Seth's favorite superhero, UltraMan, is frequently saving people. But that changes when he suddenly enters a life of crime. It's up to Seth, Mandy, and their father to stop Seth's idol before he destroys New York City.

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