Ben and Gwen was battling Silhouette. After Silhouette fled, Kevin was scolded for being late. Silhouette found his friend Icepick. Icepick kidnapped Idunn, the goddess of flowers and beauty and took a bite of an apple. Icepick become immortal!! Silhouette then ate the apple and changes into immortal mindmesser. Ben, Kevin and Gwen. Ben changes into Divinity and fly through Asgard, the seventh Heaven. Divinity changes into Brainstorm and teleported Idunn to Asgard Flowery Garden. Ben changes into Razor Teeth and bite Icepick. The DNA swallowed Icepick into the Omnitrix. Then Ben changes into Cubic Dude. Rubix Dude smashed Silhouette and sent him to Nifheim.

Aliens Used





Razor Teeth


Rubix Dude

About Rubix Dude


- highly dense and heavy substance that is nearly impervious to all forms of blunt damage and crushing force
- Cube like form flys apart at will to avoid attacks as well as to flying piece by piece to another place - Capable of reconfiguring his cube like body into a large variety of shapes and forms.


Slow and Clumsy
File:Rubix Dude by kjmarch.jpg

Can't Hold things very well

Completely Colorblind

Vulnerable to Freezing and Super Heat

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