Shape Shifters Human Form

Shape Shifter is a Villian from Ben 10 Ultimate Team Tennyson. He can transform into 3 Diffrent aliens. He joined Timeking's evil team. He later went insane in Insane Ben. He went to Plumber Jail, but probaly won't stay there for long.


He is an Osimain, like Kevin.


The Pyrowolf is a mixture of a Pyronite and Benwolf. He can create Flames, and has a sonic howl. He is one of Shape Shifters more powerful aliens. It was reviled that he was made of Radation in Radationwolf.


He can create Electricty, and can take control of anything that runs on eletricty.


An Ec'tronurite, He has the power of becoming invisable. He can also shoot powerful energy blasts from his chest.

Duncan's aliens

Shape Shifter 2nd's Look

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